Let’s face it, pregnancy is tough.  The mood swings, the nausea, the swelling of the feet…it can be tough on a woman physically and emotionally.  While it’s not always a glamorous thing, we have complied our list of ten things that make being pregnant great…besides the amazing end of results of a beautiful baby obviously!

  1. Naps! Take all the glorious naps you want because not only is it wise to catch up on sleep before baby but growing a baby is exhausting!
  2. Daydreaming about baby names. Or just daydreaming about baby, both activities can take up almost as much time as napping.
  3. “Eating for Two”. This one takes the cake, literally. I know technically you only get a few hundred extra calories but eating extra for the good of the baby is a fun benefit!
  4. Getting to “take it easy” when it comes to work. We moved when I was pregnant with my first and literally didn’t have to do a thing.  Even though I wanted to help, I was ordered to put my feet up.
  5. Getting “spoiled” from your partner. Need a foot rub? Craving some ice cream?  The extra attention from your spouse is a fun bonus to carrying a baby!
  6. Baby Kicks! Is there anything better than baby kicks?  Right up there with getting to hear baby’s heartbeat from the inside.
  7. Baby Showers! All the fun parties that are thrown in your and baby’s honor are so much fun!  Visit with friends, eat lots of tasty food and having a blast while everyone is showering baby with gifts!
  8. Prenatal Vitamins. Bear with me on this one. Yes, they can be tough to swallow at times but my hair and nails never looked better!   And the pregnancy glow on your skin?  The best!!
  9. Two words- Stretchy Pants!!!!!
  10. And last, getting to receive a subscription to The Stork Bag. The baby will get spoiled plenty but there is nothing like receiving a Stork Bag every trimester to make you feel amazing and special.  This is our favorite thing about being pregnant for sure!!


What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? Let us know in the comments below!

About a month ago, we posted a blog about our best tips for cooking with a newborn and we hoped you loved them. But the truth is, you can only cook and eat take out so much before you start to go stir crazy! So it’s time to grab the baby, get out of the house and let someone else do the cooking and the cleaning. Below are our tips for making your first restaurant trip as easy as possible.

  1. Keep it simple: This first venture out is not the time to try a new restaurant or try and sit down for a five-course meal.  Choose a place that you’re familiar with and that you can eat at relatively quick.  We chose a Mexican food restaurant 5 minutes from our house for our first time out with our daughter- we knew the menu, it was quickly prepared and we had a quick commute home if things went downhill. Family friendly places are usually a good pick as well.
  2. Plan Ahead: Does your new baby get fussy when he/she gets tired? Does he/she tend to take a quick nap right after a bottle?  These are the things to keep in mind when planning your first outing.  Planning around times that might be an issue will help make your meal more enjoyable.
  3. Come Prepared: Being prepared is always a good idea, but it’s a fantastically great idea when venturing out with a baby. Some things to consider bringing with you: bottles, pacifiers, diapers, change of clothes and anything else that can assist in keeping baby happy but also fit into a small diaper bag.
  4. Don’t Stress: We’ve all been there.  Your baby starts crying and you imagine everyone at the restaurant is rolling their eyes and complaining about the people who brought their baby to a restaurant.  Then you start stressing and baby gets more upset and before you know it, you throw some money at your server and are gone without finishing your meal.  I promise most people aren’t paying attention.  And even if they are, who cares.  Try calming baby best you can and if all else fails, you can always take the meal to go if it gets really bad.  But no matter what, don’t stress. We’ve ALL been there.
  5. Call a babysitter/grandparent: Don’t feel like venturing out with baby quite yet? That’s ok! Call a sitter or grandparent to watch the baby and hit your favorite restaurant for a fun date night.  Baby will be ready to venture out before you know so enjoy the night with your spouse and try and relax because baby will be waiting once you get home.


What are you tips for eating out with a baby?  Let us know in the comments below!

Fall is officially here!  With temperatures cooling down and the leaves changing to brilliant hues, it’s the perfect time to have some major family fun.  If fall activities are a must do in your house too, grab a sweater and a pumpkin spice latte and fill the month of October with some of our favorites!

  1. Decorate for Fall/Halloween: My kids have been asking to decorate our house for Halloween since school started a month and a half ago. It’s such a fun thing to do as a family and really puts everyone in the fall spirit!
  2. Fall Clean-up: Who doesn’t love jumping into a huge pile of leaves?  Have the whole family help with leaf clean-up and watch the kids happily destroy piles as fast as you can rake them! For some added fun: use the leaves and some old clothes to make a stuffed scarecrow to prop up as part your fall decor!
  3. Use what Autumn is giving you: There is more fun to be had with the leaves falling from the trees! My kids love collecting different ones and making leaf rubbings (use a flat crayon to rub over a leaf with a piece of paper between the leaf and crayon) and decorating the house with them.  Acorn hunting is also a favorite activity outdoors during this time of year!
  4. Pumpkin patch visit: This is probably the hands down favorite. Find a pumpkin farm that also offers things like hayrides, corn mazes and apple cider!  Stay for the fall fun and leave with pumpkins ready to carve at home!
  5. Apple-picking: This is a fun one, especially for the fruit lovers in your family! Find a local apple orchard and take everyone out for a fun day of picking apples. The older kids will have fun finding the perfect fruit and the younger ones will enjoy all the free samples! And doesn’t everyone love apple pie?

What is your favorite fall activity to do with your family? Let us know in the comments below!

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Raising healthy children

Raising healthy and intelligent children is every parents dream. In some parents, it is more than obsession to raise competitive children. In other words, many parents use all ways and means to get their children to get the best education, training, bringing up possible to put their children ahead of the pack. Nonetheless, raising children is complex than simple mathematics of addition and multiplication. Indeed, raising a healthy and smart child needs persistence, perseverance, patience, and discipline on part of parents.

Parents are role models

Children begin their education at home with their mother. Mother takes an important lead to impart an early education even before children undergo formal schooling. Naturally, any building needs a strong foundation. Similarly, a strong moral, ethical trait, and behavioral conditioning plays an important and critical role in upbringing healthy children. Moreover, the young minds are easily amenable to build strong foundation at the early stages of childhood. In contrast, it is almost impossible to change the minds of teenagers, or adults, for example. Therefore, parents must seize the opportunity to mould the minds of their children for long term success. Nonetheless, parents make themselves a good example of the values they wish their children to learn, follow and propagate to next generation.

Parental responsibilities

Being a parent is a huge responsibility, because what you teach your children, will affect them their entire life. When you think about it, a parent has an incredible impact on another human being’s life, and that will certainly extend far into the child’s adult years. Interestingly, most people’s parenting skills were learned from their own parents, and that is normally how they raise their own children. Nonetheless, when you want your children to achieve more than you have, you have to set your bar little higher than your parents.

Aiming higher

You must set personal goals that would propel you to newer heights. Learning from mistakes of your parents, friends, peers, and colleagues, you must try to use every possible means such as motivation, discipline, and creative imagination, for instance, to achieve worldly success. In fact, the lessons you learned and experience you gained from your success will aid your children to learn from you thus enabling and preparing them to achieve much higher and bigger goals, for instance.


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Congratulations! You now have a bun in the oven, a bat in the cave, in the pudding club, in the family way, and whatever metaphor they call it. Expecting is both exciting and worrisome, but it is best to stick with the former to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Now that you’re pregnant, taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is more important than ever .Doing so will boost your chances of enjoying a problem-free pregnancy.

How to Take Care of You When You are Expecting

  1. Get early prenatal care

Once you find out that you are pregnant, call your healthcare provider right away to schedule a prenatal visit. During this appointment, you may need to submit a blood test to confirm your pregnancy. You may be screened for certain conditions that could complicate your condition as well. Take this as an opportunity to ask your healthcare provider about you how to calculate your due date.  You may have to wait for 8 to 12 weeks for an ultrasound that will estimate your due date, so doing it using other methods is a good option. There are due date calculators that you can use. Still, you should have your doctor confirm the veracity of the result.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

If you were not mindful of what you eat before you got pregnant, you should change that habit right away. What you eat can have an impact on your pregnancy and your baby. So make sure to watch what you put in your mouth. You are eating for two, after all.

The best formula is:

  • Stick to only about 300 additional calories per day
  • Get 70 grams of protein per day
  • Meet your required daily calcium intake religiously
  • Avoid foods that may harbor harmful bacteria, such as unpasteurized dairy products and juices, under cooked eggs and meat, cold deli meat, and raw seafood
  • Avoid fish that contain high levels of mercury and contaminants
  1. Remember to take your prenatal vitamins

Your healthcare provider recommends prenatal supplements because of the folic acid and iron found in them. If you want to reduce the risk of your baby developing neural tube birth defects, it is important that you take 600 micrograms of folic acid during pregnancy. You should also increase your iron intake, especially during the second and third trimesters. Remember not to overdose on supplements, and always consult your healthcare provider if you wish to take additional supplements or herbal preparations.

  1. Stay physically active, exercise regularly

Exercise has always been beneficial, more so when you are pregnant. A good exercise program will give you the strength and endurance needed to carry the additional weight you gain while expecting.

Plenty of benefits come with it as well.

  • Help ease or prevent aches and pains
  • Improve circulation in your legs
  • Reduce stress and boost serotonin levels
  • Enables you to handle the stress of labor
  • Helps ensure you can easily get back into shape after giving birth
  1. Rest and take it easy

If you experience fatigue during the first and third trimester, you should take it easy and give yourself a break. Your body is telling you to slow down, so listen up. Nap in the middle of the day. Put your feet up and read a book. Do some relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and yoga.

  1. Take care of your emotional health

If your mood swings are extreme, consult with your healthcare provider. Although emotions of an expectant mother can be likened to a roller coaster ride at one time or another, too much of it is not good for your health. You could be suffering from depression that should be addressed right away.

  1. See your dentist

Are you experiencing gum problems? Pregnant women are susceptible to gum diseases because of hormonal shifts. So see your dentist for a checkup, and make sure that increased levels of progesterone and estrogen are not causing your gums to react and cause problems.



Ana Jasko is a stay at home mom who likes to research and write about health related topics. She contributes on various sites, including mombloggersclub.com and menstrual-cycle-calculator.com. When she’s not looking after her kids, she bakes cakes and watches romantic comedies.

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